1M Sales System

Becoming great at sales is an art, that once mastered will produce results you never thought were even possible. It doesn't matter if you are starting out, starting over or are already accomplished at sales, this programme will take you to new levels with amazing results that mean you'll start to close more business and get more from yourself or your sales teams. You'll have daily strategies for closing more deals and take your sales game to a whole new level. The programme is broken down into 30 days worth of mind blowing sales strategies that will allow you to learn the skills that will make you a master of sales. Log in every day to get the content to motive and inspire you to push forward and reap the benefits of being a master of sales.  

What topics are covered over the 30 days?

Day 1 - 1M System: Getting ready for a new you...

Day 2 - Sales is a science, this is how we make you the professor

Day 3 - Goals, targets, and planning

Day 4 - Fear, failure, rejection

Day 5 - Procrastination

Day 6 - A sales persons best friend

Day 7 - The sales focused business

Day 8 - The 4 things you need to sell

Day 9 - The difference between the number 1 and the rest

Day 10 - Relationship capital

Day 11 - Compounding sales

Day 12 - Stay sharp, act like a closer

Day 13 - The chemicals of a winner

Day 14 - The results of trust

Day 15 - Negotiating anything, anywhere

Day 16 - Get out of your own way

Day 17 - The rockstar sales person’s weakness

Day 18 - Managing sales stress

Day 19 - Reigniting clients

Day 20 - Spot the buying signals

Day 21 - Go to man, go to woman

Day 22 - Referral mania

Day 23 - Your goldmine

Day 24 - The objections you'll face

Day 25 - Sales complaints handling

Day 26 - Influencing skills

Day 27 - Value outweighs cost

Day 28 - Logical vs emotional

Day 29 - Sharpen the axe

Day 30 - Never stop, find the persistence of a superstar

What are you waiting for...?

Become a master of sales with the 1M Sales System.