How to create the most effective sales and marketing plan for your business…

You need to market your business to get sales. In many cases, without enough sales, you cannot market. Sales and marketing go together like peanut butter and jam or salt and pepper. One complements the other and the formula is not complete if they are not both present.

The solution is to create a plan for each that ensures the goals of each are achieved. A totally synergistic relationship.

For this relationship to flourish, you need a few critical things to be in place before you can sit down and draft the plan. Let’s see what they are……..

  • Know your market: You need to immerse yourself in your market. You need to know exactly what their pain points are, what type of solutions they are looking for and as far as possible, know exactly what your company can offer to resolve those issues.
  • Know your client: Without knowing who your ideal client is, how are you going to structure your marketing and sales message correctly? Do you know where they hang out online and offline? Do you know what their interests are? How old are they? Where they shop? what is important to them? etc.
How to create the most effective sales and marketing plan for your business 10 productivity tips 2

Without knowing this detail, no matter how good your sales and marketing plans are – they will fail without this specific knowledge.

  • Know your competition: Who is your competition? What are they doing differently? Sign up for their newsletters and get their sales letters – are they working / not working? Knowing all this type of information will go a very long way in helping you structure your plan and messages to make sure your stand out and are effective.
  • Know your business strategy: Each business should have its own strategy, how they are going to approach their business – what is off limits and what are their drivers for growth? Are they going to offer credit? How is the business going to move forward? Are any special skills required? etc.
  • Know your business objectives: Do you have a long-term goal in place? What is your vision? What do you hope to achieve in the next 3, 5 and 10 years? These all need to be in place before any planning can be done so that everybody concerned has clarity on the way forward and what needs to be achieved.

Once these are in place then the sales and marketing plans can only be developed and put into place.

  • Marketing: How are you going to structure your messages? What platforms are you going to be using to reach your market? Are images or test messages more effective? Online or offline? All these things need to be taken into consideration and then the marketing plan needs to be drafted. How many people do you want to reach in a month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year period? How are you going to measure the effectiveness of your messaging?

All these things will be more effective the key ideas shared above are in place and have been addressed.

  • Sales: This is more direct to measure. How many sales? Over what period? originating from what marketing? On what platforms? What are the demographics of the customers coming in? What is the average spend? How long do they remain a customer? etc.

We cannot stress enough that this is about getting the stuff in place up front and making sure that you know exactly what your business drivers are and your ideal client. Everything else will fall into place if the background work has been done correctly and you work your plan.

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