Big Business Events Members joined us for an evening of high-quality training and entertainment.

The day started with a welcome lunch at the £2m High House mansion in Fillongley, Coventry with Co-Founders Adam Stott and Lee McQueen. Guests were also joined by leading coaches Ajay Nayar and Suzanne Davison.

The theme of this particular event was celebrity branding and how to use it for the benefit of your business. The first of two sessions was lead by Adam Stott and consisted of a talk by TV star and entrepreneur Gemma Collins, followed by a question and answer session. Many people know Gemma from her TV work but that is only a small part of what this lady does. Gemma is a very successful sales person who has created her own brand of clothing. Her positive attitude and bubbly personality make an infectious combination and her #Lioness mindset is ensures she starts the day driven to succeed in everything she does.

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‘All my life is documented, but I can earn from all those documentations’

‘Adam has helped me build structure in my life and my business, I can now have a celebrity life, manage a boutique and run a manufacturing business’

‘I believe that to be successful you must build trust, meet and greet everyone, influence all people in the group and build relationships with everyone’

Gemma is the brand and is a huge part of why her business works – something she had to remember in a recent meeting.

‘i have been offered over a million pounds to do a fitness DVD, I was so close to signing the paperwork but I stopped to think, the people that buy my brand of clothing would not be able to identify with me post dvd

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Following Gemma’s talk and the subsequent break, our second special guest – Anthony Middleton (star of BBC ‘SAS Who Dares Wins’ and Channel 4 ‘Mutiny’) arrived. Anthony spoke to our guests about his life as an SAS operative, point man and lead scout in the Special Boat Service and Royal Marine. After military life and prior to his TV career, Anthony was head of security for many high profile people and celebrities.

Anthony’s wealth of training and life experience makes him a great speaker on a range of subjects and our guests were glued to his every word. More about his talk later.

As the training session ended, all Big Business Events Members and staff prepared for the second part of the day – the VIP experience at Floyd Mayweather’s Las Vegas Ball including a meet and greet with the man himself. As headline sponsors, upon arrival at the venue (The ICC in Birmingham), our party was escorted to the VVIP area via the red carpet to mix with celebrities and business people before being seated at our front row tables.

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The culmination of this amazing event was Co-Founder Adam Stott being introduced on stage where he asked several business related questions to Floyd. You can read excerpts from the interview below.

AS: You’ve reached the top of your game, the brand ‘Money Mayweather is to be admired, what is your advice about how you go about building a brand if they are not in a high profile position.

FMJ: I pick the best people I can and put them in the best position to help us grow, not everyone is born to be a CEO, not everybody is born to be a superstar, but whatever position you are in be the best in that position.

AS: What gave you the foresight to create Mayweather Promotions, you saw where the money was going, what real advantages has it given you in the industry?

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FMJ: The reason why I started Mayweather Promotions is because noticed that the fight promoters were making more money than the fighters, I believe in the talent making the lion’s share. The talent should make more than the promoters. Promoters take the risk so they should get paid, but the fighters should get much more.

AS: You now promote your own fights….

FMJ: When I was fighting under other promoters I was making £6m, £7m, £8m. When I left them I made eight figures.

AS: How did you keep focus, protect your reputation and promote an event?

FMJ: I bounce ideas throughout my team. I meditate, think quietly and focus on where I want to be next year, it’s all about growth. I want to help everyone around me so they don’t have to depend on me.

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AS: We believe on coaching and mentoring, how important has this been to you and how have they helped you get where you are?

FMJ: My dad gave me the best advice – son if you want to be in the sport a long time, the less you get hit in any sport the longer you’ll last. I didn’t want to take punches, early on when I was pretty boy I was explosive, the heavy hitter with dynamite agility. You get older, your body changes and your body starts to break down. I am still mentally sharp, I am still intelligent. What I did was this – I still find a way to beat these opponents when I’m not 100%, because my mental is 100%.

AS: All successful people have long terms aims, what are your long terms goals, what is next for Mayweather, what is the next big goal?

FMJ: The goal is this. I want my children to do something I didn’t do. Go to college, accomplish what they want to accomplish. All the businesses I have, give it to them to take it to the next level for the Mayweather generation. Long term goal is to make sure my team personally around me – when I say I don’t want to do anything anymore – make sure everybody has something, a business started that they can run. I can only feed them for so long. One more fight? its possible. Everybody says one more fight but one more fight can end your career. One more fight I could make £100m, but I could make the money on the outside, but it would take a bit longer.

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The event was a huge success and all Big Business Events members were full of positive feedback.

Member Karen Bhangal said after the event ‘Absolute buzzing for this week. Had an EPIC weekend with the team and not only met some fantastic celebrities but also more of the fantastic business member. Thanks for a great time all. Well done Adam Stott for your brilliant interview with Floyd Mayweather. Now to smash our marketing with our new Marketing Manager that has started today #makeitbig

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