In the business “Excellence methodology” they are quick to point out that a business is not the products or services, not the desks, the office or the location – it’s the people in the business that makes it excellent.

That being said it stands to reason that as the business owner, you need to ensure that you have the best staff for your business – people that make your business great!

Every business owner realises that as the business grows, the staff needs to grow exponentially. The larger the company grows the more crucial it becomes to have the right team who supports everything that the business stands for and wants to achieve.

Here are some key concepts to keep in mind when recruiting the best staff for your company:

Recruiting the best staff for your company 10 productivity tips
  • Become the company that everybody wants to work for.

When building your brand its always about how you stand out from your competitors – what makes your company different? This difference can be translated into another important “wanted” factor of your business – that of people wanting to work for you because your company is #1 in the market or has a reputation for developing and growing their staff or even, that’s it’s a fun environment to work in. It’s all about how you can add value to their lives if they come and work for you.

Google has this mastered as a fine art with the brightest and most talented individuals doing anything to secure a position to work there. It’s all about the environment that’s been created by the management of Google.

  • Making sure that you have the right fit.

From the word go it’s best to lay all your cards on the table – full transparency so that the potential staff member knows exactly what the business is about and what they will be getting if they accept a position in your company.

Make sure that they understand exactly what is required from them, how your company operates, what the offer on the table entails and what they can expect without any misunderstandings or misconceptions.

Before you even get to this step, its starts with you knowing your team, what type of person will be a fit and what functions this new person will be performing.  Then a plan can be drafted of the type of individual that will be a match before any action is taken.

When you have total transparency, not only can you decide if there is a match, but the prospective employee can also decide if it’s a match from their side. The side benefit of this is twofold – your company will never be accused of misrepresentation and you are automatically building your credibility with your market.

  • Always employ when you are ready, never recruit from a position of desperation.

Just like in the movies desperate people do desperate things. Never place yourself in the position of employing somebody when you are desperate to have a position filled. This is a recipe for disaster. Rather approach a temp agency to have the position filled temporarily, or move staff from other locations if possible to come and fill in the spot until you can breathe again.

If you employ somebody just to get a body into that position, it can have huge ramifications on your business and long term it’s really not a good business practice.

When it comes to the employees in your company, you only want the best, so that your company may be the best and that means giving it your best attention and effort. If you are clear about what is required, what is the best fit in terms of personality, character and performance – the rest becomes easy. The best person will find their way to your door and your business will benefit hugely as a result.

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