How can you spot an expert from a fake?

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Nowadays there are so many people out there that call themselves experts or authorities in a particular industry or field. For any small business owner, it’s very difficult to decide whether they actually are experts or not.

You want to hire somebody to assist you with getting your small business to #1, but can you trust that person to deliver on what they say they can? Let’s share some of the points to look for before signing on the dotted line.

What are the key differentiators that set business experts aside from everybody else? With these key points at your disposal, you are better equipped to make a decision to hire this individual than ever before.

Here are the 4 key differentiators that make business experts special:

Differentiator #1 – Level of Knowledge

An expert or authority will have obtained a high level of knowledge about their particular subject or industry, through years of learning and practical experience to hone their skills. They will be known by name to others in the industry and when spoken about recognised by all. They are recognised in industry publications as being specialists in their field of expertise and are recognised as being industry influencers and can show proven results from their training/coaching. as a bare minimum.

They may even have written a book about their field of expertise or been lecturers at educational institutions. Do your research and confirm these things for yourself before just taking their word for it.

In almost 99% of the cases, these individuals will have existing businesses of their own or been instrumental in starting businesses in their field of expertise, which assures you of a high level of knowledge about the relevant subject matter.

Differentiator #2 – Scope of Experience

In most cases, experts/authorities have built up many years of experience through using their knowledge and applying it in the real world. You do not need somebody that has book learning, but actually, somebody that can show they have implemented their knowledge with a proven result.

Experts have attained high levels of expertise due to a varied range of experience in many different businesses which allowed them to grow and expand their knowledge.

An individual cannot claim to be an expert if they have worked in only one business for the last 30 years – they may be an expert in that business, but overall in the field of business, their skills and expertise will be limited as a result.

Look for somebody that has many years of experience in several different environments, especially those focused on your industry or field.

Differentiator #3 – Knowledge Implementation

This differentiator really separates “the men from the boys.” True experts and authorities have taken their learning and knowledge and can prove that they have implemented it in business and can show proven results from that knowledge implementation. They are only too happy to share what they have done in the past and what their levels of achievements were as a result. These types of achievements again are very well publicised in the media and can be researched and tracked.

These are people that have “walked their talk” and can show measurable results from their knowledge and expertise.

Differentiator #4 – Industry Influencer

Experts and Authorities are normally individuals that drive the latest innovations and expert thinking in their particular field of expertise. Their thinking, suggestions and experience is quoted and shared to the benefit of all. People and industry followers look to them for guidance in what is coming next and new levels of achievement are to be aimed for.

Again these individuals are frequently quoted in the media on the latest moves in the industry and people follow them in both social media and offline publications setting them up as the industry influencers. Whatever they are implementing or using in their industries is what everybody is following.

In other words, find the experts and authorities in business, follow them or better yet, get into their training programs and courses/coaching – your business will definitely benefit as a result.


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