There are many different types of coaches available in the world today for a whole range of different services, but a business coach differs in very fundamental ways from the others.

The best business coaches are ideally entrepreneurs or business owners themselves to best be able to guide business owners, start-ups and newbie entrepreneurs in the right direction when setting up or revamping their businesses.

This in itself  is one of the fundamental differences. Most other coaches have attended some form of training in their niche and are accredited to do the relevant training. Although some business coaches also have formal training, in today’s fast paced, ever-changing business environment, the best business coach is one that is involved in the daily grind, challenges, wins and playing fields of the modern business owner.

Business coaches normally would oversee, assist and guide you—the business owner—in developing, starting, and growing your business. They help you clarify your business goals and objectives and help you develop the skills and acquire the resources needed to operate a successful enterprise. What makes having a business coach so beneficial is that they have already walked the road before you, they have learnt the lessons and found the solutions and this will allow you to fast track your learning.

Here are some of the specific value adds you will get from having a business coach.

  • Guides you in looking at the big picture view of both your life and your business as they are
  • Due to their hands-on experience they will guide you in enhancing your business skills and target your intellectual development for the greater good of your business.
  • Due to their active role in their own (or past) businesses – they are the best resource to help you identify stable, value-adding business opportunities.
  • As their network and connections grow/have grown exponentially as they coach more clients and come into contact with more and more people — they can link you with the best professionals and organizations that can assist you in solving problems.
  • Experienced business coaches have dealt with many different people throughout their careers as businesses coaches and are best positioned to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can use the one to your best advantage and develop or supplement the other.
  • Business coaches have walked this road of entrepreneurship before you and have learnt the best strategies in how to balance your personal with your business life and how they need to be implemented to provide the best results for all concerned.
  • They are there to listen to the problems you are facing, provide you with some suggested solutions and to help you set realistic, achievable goals for your business.
  • Business coaches will hold you accountable to complete the tasks, objectives and goals you have set for yourself.
  • Through continued follow-up and feedback they will motivate you and build up your self-worth and confidence.

As can be gathered from the list above, business coaches have many facets and faces. They need to be experienced in many different areas and be hands-on enough to guide you in the right direction, so that you may achieve your business goals and allow your business to thrive.

They need to get involved and actually walk the road with you but only up to a point, instead of standing on the sidelines, only cheering you on. It’s almost as if they become an extension of your arm for the duration of the coaching.

Finally the last, most important fundamental difference of business coaches is that they actually want your coaching relationship to have a finite duration, they want you to succeed, so that they may move on to other business owners and allow you to grow further on your own.

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