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Adam Stott, Founder of Big Business Events and Big Cars Ltd will be teaming up with Tomer Sapir-Spitkowski – a successful entrepreneur, business owner and an investor in the UK and US property markets to bring you Property Wealth Systems.

During this talk, Tomer will be teaching and coaching you on how to begin and succeed in your journey to become financially free, using the UK property market.

He will share secrets and strategies (some require none of your own money) to create personal wealth and passive income leading to financial freedom.

Details of whats covered:

  • Help to set you up on a journey to financial freedom.
  • Discuss the UK property market and the opportunities present to create wealth.
  • Share strategies on how to enter the property market with little or no money.
  • Leading strategies to accelerate wealth creation and financial freedom.
  • Creating wealth and living legacy.
  • Discussing different property strategies that can be used in different locations in the UK.
  • How to avoid the 5 biggest mistakes every amateur property investor makes.
  • Secrets on where to find Angel investors and JV Partners that will help you start your journey.
  • The 3 true secrets to succeeding in property investment.

Read more about Tomer here.

Tickets are completely free, but space is limited. Register for your ticket using the form below and don’t miss out of this amazing opportunity.