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Are you ready to become the next Rockstar Speaker?

We give great speakers and coaches the skills, branding and spotlight to turn them into Rockstar’s of the STAGE! 

This event is designed to help coaches, speakers and authors get the branding, stages and credibility their skills deserve. It doesn’t matter if you are starting out or already experienced at speaking from the stage. As the great speaker or coach you already are or are going to be, you know that you always need to be sharpening your skills to become the best – this industry is unlike any other, we want to share with you the skills and information you need to take your BRAND, PROFILE and SPEAKING SKILLS to the highest levels.


Brand – How to use speaking to build a powerful brand and become a top keynote, platform or keynote speaker or a high-level coach in Wealth, Real Estate, the internet or Business.

Events – Find the ‘real gold’ in the events industry, monetise your own events and finalise deals on stage or off, to take your business to new heights.

Speaking and Coaching – Build your own 7-figure speaker business that will make you a regular feature on other speakers stages, at speaking events worldwide and share the stage with A-list celebrities, business figures and thought leaders. Command high level coaching fees and get the best quality clients choosing you – skillfully manage the business end of the speaker business and create compelling Marketing and branding that makes YOU stand out from the rest.

Products – Use your expert knowledge to create an Amazon best-selling audio book in as little as two weeks and sell it online.

Clients – How to meet, network and inspire the highest-level people and build a database of loyal, high quality clients.

Most Importantly, DRIVE!!!! – If you have the skills, the knowledge and most importantly the drive you can become the number 1 in your industry or market!


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